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During the 1930's a new phrase entered the musical lexicon: "the Boswell Sound." This new sound was musically intricate, innovative and optimistic--a formidable weapon to combat the Depression blues. There had never been a combination like Martha, Connie and Vet, and to this day their rhythmic sound inspires imitations and spin-offs all over the globe, influencing scores of vocal groups, soloists, arrangers and instrumentalists.

In just a few years--from 1928 to 1935--they moved from local celebrity to international fame via network radio, theatre appearances, recordings, movies, and a new medium, television. They worked with top talents including Bing Crosby, Burns and Allen, the Dorsey Brothers, Benny Goodman, and Artie Shaw--to mention a few.

Today, more than sixty years after their last performance, there are more than a dozen CD's of their music on the market. Tributes to their artistry include: a 1998 musical revue Rhythm on the Rainbow at the Rainbow and Stars, Rockefeller Center, N.Y.. They also received the Pioneers of musical Style award at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in Sharon, Pennsylvania. That innovative "Boswell Sound" is still winning new fans and influencing a whole new generation of performers.

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Note: Recently the Recording Industry Association of America included the Boswell Sisters recording of "Alexander's Ragtime Band" in their list of Songs of the Century

Boswell Sisters - Sound Clip 1: Rock and Roll, Recorded October 4, 1934 in Los Angeles Accompanied by Jimmy Grier's Orchestra

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