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Note : This is not official website and the content here is Archived content. Boswell Museum is no longer in function Music is the focus...jazz, the beginning of swing and the times in which it all took place. The museum preserves music and social history of the period, presents it in historical context with its present day relevance, and supports live performance by both students and professionals.
The Museum is currently reorganizing. We are setting about to "put the museum on line," as well as expand and develop our travelling exhibits and outreach programs. We welcome any suggestions as to what you would like to see on the site and/or what information you might find interesting or helpful.
  • Current Programs and Exhibits:
    • "Old Time Radio"
    • "Tiptoe Through the Twenties"
    • "1930s Jamboree"
    • "Notes On A Banjo"
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1920s Fair
May 20, 2000


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